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trying Debian and finally Ubuntu for desktop

After trying these OS’s for desktop trying BSD in 2015

I work with a Intel NUC D54250WYK in my job. It had Linux Mint 17, and I was tired of having to update applications I need like Libreoffice, mutt, thunderbird, and so on. Also I prefer now a distribution more update not LTS.

I dismissed the Linux Mint 18 option because I want a main distribution. I have servers working with Debian and Ubuntu so I tried these two.

My premises are:

And this is the list all software I need:

Debian testing


I learned GNU/Linux with Debian so I owe it a nice try.
Here are my problems with Debian.

And the main problem. Ugly fonts with an old aspect.

Ubuntu 16.10


Easy install for all aplications I need. I like the aspect of DE and Unity is not as bad as people say. Anyway I use i3wm.

Yes It’s said that Ubuntu is for beginners and not for hackers. Ok, it’s not my problem. Ubuntu fits on me.



I had to configure crontab, printers, ssh, more workspaces, routes, samba, mount devices, R, i3/config, resilio and so on but with Ubuntu all was easier.

Sorry but now I have to get my things done in my work.