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Trying Debian and finally Ubuntu for desktop

December 09, 2016 — Julio

After trying these OS's for desktop trying BSD in 2015

I work with a Intel NUC D54250WYK in my job. It had Linux Mint 17, and I was tired of having to update applications I need like Libreoffice, mutt, thunderbird, and so on. Also I prefer now a distribution more update not LTS.

I dismissed the Linux Mint 18 option because I want a main distribution. I have servers working with Debian and Ubuntu so I tried these two.

My premises are:

  • I have to get all configured in less than 3 hours. It's the work desktop !!
  • I have to get all applications that I need to work.
  • my /home is on a separate partition, so no extra work for restoring backups.
  • beautiful fonts please.
  • I work with i3wm. Yes, I'm used to work with keyboard more than mouse.

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Trying OpenBSD, FreeBSD and TrueOS for desktop

November 24, 2016 — Julio

This is my third try and failure
trying BSD in 2012
trying BSD in 2013

I have an old laptop Thinkpad SL400 for testing

LENOVO THINKPAD SL400 core 2 duo T5670 1,8mhz 2 GB 160 GB

I must get a desktop to work with i3wm and with Xfce (only for the software it contains).

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My Setup

July 15, 2016 — Julio

2016 2017 2018

In short





home server1


home firewall


blah, blah, blah


IT manager

This is an act of vanity taken from The Setup Interviews.

update 27.03.2018: plenty of changes

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Utilización RaspBerryPi en puestos de trabajo simples

August 23, 2015 — Julio

Actualización septiembre 2017:


Si no quieres estar cada pocos meses con sustos porque dejan de funcionar debido a que se corrompen muy asiduamente el sistema de ficheros.

Con solo uso de telnet hacia el ERP, he tenido que reinstalar RASPBIAN en las microSD en muchas pi's.

Con tarjetas microSD casi todas de 16GB y de buena calidad, de varias marcas, Samsung, TDK, y otras.

Los modelos de raspberry da también lo mismo. Model B, 1 ,2 o 3.

En cambio en puestos con pcs antiguos con Linux Mint, o Ubuntu, sin problemas.

Mejor invertir en algo que no utilice microSD.

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Thanks to whatsapp I don't have to check my email on holydays

July 13, 2014 — Julio

Before whatsapp I used to check my email to fix some important events in my business.

Of course before and now, any outage in the system needs a telephone call, but for some problems that not require quickly resolution, whatsapp is a good way.

Check all my email every day on holidays, seems to me is not resting time.

I hope people respect the rule along time: whatsapp only for medium level urgency and easy to resolve with some indications

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Mi todo list y sobre todo mi done list

December 17, 2012 — Julio

Como todos los que trabajamos con poco tiempo y en la informática, mundo en que tienes que arreglar multitud de cosas sin tener que ser experto en ninguna de ellas, el disponer de un historial de lo que has hecho o cómo arreglaste aquello es casi fundamental.

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Essentials applications to work

November 29, 2012 — Julio
  • vpnc
  • chrome
  • putty
  • rdp + vnc + teamviewer
  • libreoffice but i much prefer Msoffice2010
  • thunderbird
  • Pyscripter
  • caché client (intersystems) to use Studio

but with chrome i get ssh extension (by putty), gmail (bye thunderbird), drive ....(bye libreoffice? not entirely)

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